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Your Guide to a Successful Valentine’s Day


Hola mi gente and welcome back to Esquina Latina! I hope you are enjoying 2018 as much as I am so far. My gut was spot on when it kept giving me signs that this year would be a great one. The momentum continues and now I’m gearing up for an amazing Valentine’s Day. Yes, I have a very special Valentine and I’m so excited about our plans to celebrate US. He tells me that Latinas are the best and I can’t argue with him. We are definitely a unique breed, aren’t we? I don’t mean to brag about us, but we have so many good qualities that I can’t help myself. For example, and in light of Valentine’s Day, when we love someone, we love them wholeheartedly! Personally, if I have ever said “I love you” to someone, I will always have love for them no matter what, but that’s me…definitely not every Latina. We are known for our incredible passion and nurturing ways. We are also known for doting over our man as much as possible, whether it’s cooking for him, ironing his shirt before going on date night (partially because we can’t be seen with a wrinkled mess), or surprising him with that perfect gift. We are always doing whatever we can to keep them happy. Yes, whatever it takes! Wink! Wink! We are also known for our loyalty, and all of this comes naturally to Latinas. I do have to say that I think all of these great qualities are the reason we are trending ladies! Men are catching on more and more, which I believe has piqued their interest in dating a Latina. Felicidades!

Then there’s the other NOT so attractive side to us that most people are very familiar with, which has given us a bad reputation. For starters, most Latinas are incredibly straightforward. Sugar coating? Que? Que? So, you either love us or you don’t. There’s really no in between. Along with that “passion” I described, comes a temper and sometimes an irrational side to us. Fine, I’ll admit it, which if you know me is not an easy thing to do. For any Latina I know, the hot buttons are dishonesty and being taken for granted. I guess if we are giving so much of ourselves to the love in our lives, those two things are not too much to expect right? Raise your hand if you agree with me! So, when our love is dishonest in any way, I mean any way…it’s like a switch flips, and we can go overboard. But in the end, we are doing them a favor by letting them know NOT to lie in the future, and their lives will be that much easier, right? You’re welcome, gentlemen! As for taking us for granted, we have the same reaction (insert flipped switch here). We love to the fullest and just want the same in return. Is it too much to ask? I think not. I mean we still iron people…who does that in 2018? Latinas!

If you have a love in your life to celebrate Valentine’s Day with and are anything like me, I am sure you are already planning your killer outfit, searching for the special gift or the perfect Hallmark card. Oh and if there’s no card on Valentine’s Day, that switch flips more than once, just saying! I got to pick the restaurant, so of course, I've made the reservation. Check! I am piecing together the outfit already because he just has to look at you a certain way that night. You know exactly what I mean, so it has to be perfect. He likes my hair either slicked back (like Evita Peron) or wavy, so I like my StyleLink Style Fixer Finishing Spray for a neat pulled back look and my StyleLink Height Riser Volumizing Powder to give those waves some bounce. I have been and will continue to use the fantastic Matrix Biolage Colorlast Shampoo and ColorLast Conditioner. I was serious when I said last time that they are amazing and you should try them. And for the nails, I chose Éclair My Love because it’s the right shade of red and has the perfect name. Now is the time to splurge a bit since Estilo y Forma is featuring a 25% off sale through February 28 on your first order! I am a sucker for coupons and will take advantage of that. I hope you do too.

Whether you go out with your girlfriends or with that special love this Valentine’s Day, it is always important to look your best. I am sticking to it as I’ve been saying since the New Year: Living life to the fullest, buying those exquisite hair care products, taking chances, and living on the edge is my motto for 2018 and I have to say that I have surprised myself in many ways. I want to wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you all have love in your lives and will celebrate how beautiful it is in style! Enjoy it to the fullest! No matter where you are, be sure to eat, drink, and have that sinful dessert! Oh and don’t forget the Hallmark card.

Hasta la proxima!


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