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How a Latina Loses a Guy in 10 Days


Hola mi gente and welcome back to Esquina Latina! Did you take advantage of the 25% off sale Estilo y Forma was having through February 28 and stock up on some of the faves I mentioned in my last article, like the fantastic Matrix Biolage Colorlast Shampoo and ColorLast Conditioner? I can’t brag enough about both of them. Another couple of my favorites are the bold Éclair My Love nail polish and Wicked. They are perfect for any occasion. One more thing I need to brag about is the hair accessory kit. Personally, I have been wearing my hair pulled back a lot and relied on it every time. It’s an absolute must-have for that slicked back look or glam updo! It’s been a while since I reached out, but I do hope you all enjoyed your Valentine’s Day as much as I did and you looked as amazing as you possibly could. There was extensive prep work on my part with my hair, nails, makeup, and perfect ensemble, of course, so I did get that “look” I was hoping for from him AND not only was there a Hallmark card, but it was perfection. Mission accomplished, amigos!

How often have I mentioned how amazing Latinas are? Probably in every one of my articles. However, I have also said that we tend to have a “switch” that can flip at times that we cannot always control or turn off. I have also mentioned how different our “world” is from the average girl’s world. So, it takes a unique and strong man to date or marry a Latina, but even they have to be eased into our “world.” Unless he is Latino or has been exposed to our world, you can lose him in less than ten days for sure. I know Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey made a movie called “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days,” and in the end, she didn’t really lose him. But I bet if Kate Hudson were Rosie Perez or Jennifer Lopez and they exposed Matthew to some of the “unique” things about our world within those ten days, that movie would’ve ended differently.

As a Latina, I can give you so many examples of what to stay away from at the beginning or he’ll run for the hills, but will share just a few. NEVER, and I mean NEVER invite the new guy to a family party or “pachanga” as we like to call it too early on. For starters, he could be sitting there for hours wondering where everybody is because nobody ever shows up on time (the poor guy already waited an hour for you to get ready for the party). Plus, while he waits for the guests to arrive, Tio Paco will most likely have him setting up tables, chairs, and a tent, while pouring him Cuba Libre after Cuba Libre. Then, when the party is finally in full swing and the Salsa music is blasting, Tia Amelia might insist that he dance salsa with her. She doesn’t usually care if he can only chair dance (bopping head and snapping fingers). Then, he may be coaxed into playing dominoes, but if he’s never played dominoes before, he will botch up a play for sure and Tio Paco, Tio Jose, and Abuelo will not be too happy with him. Aye Dios Mio! Oh, and let’s not forget how awkward it might be if Tio Pepe has thrown back a few and pulls out his guiro or his timbales to start jamming.

I say steer clear of a family pachanga upfront, but if you do take that plunge and he doesn’t run, congratulations! Now, another thing Latinas tend to do that could scare the living daylights out of most men is let that flipped switch get the best of us. Notably, the jealousy and possessive switch some Latinas have. Not me of course (wink wink). Most people have their cell phones at their fingertips, right? How do you think most Latinas would react if the new guy is texting someone in her company? A typical (non-Latina) girl might not think anything of it or just think it’s an innocent text. Latinas tend to be a bit more inquisitive or some might say “insane” about it and would blurt out “who are you texting,” “are you dating someone else,” “who is she,” “why are you texting her,” “how do you know her,” etc. Even if his response is “honey, I’m texting my mother to see how she feels because she was sick this week,” it’s too late! That switch has been flipped. No me mientes (don’t lie to me)! At this point in my life, I’m still trying to figure out why some Latinas get like this. Some…NOT me of course (sarcasm). Now, if this guy can endure the pachanga, Tio Pepe’s timbales act and Tia Amelia’s salsa lesson, PLUS the texting tirade, just to name a few examples, he is definitely interested in you. But, I would avoid these things or try to curtail them as much as possible if you want him to stick around for a while. Always be yourselves ladies, but slow and steady wins the race. Otherwise, you know what happens. Running shoes!

I don’t know about you, but I am looking forward to Spring/Summer. So far, I am enjoying 2018 to the fullest and hope you are too! Continuing my 2018 motto of taking chances, booking vacations that I never dreamed I’d be taking, and buying those expensive shoes! I hope you will do the same. Maybe even invite that new guy to a pachanga. But remember…not too soon!

Hasta la proxima!

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