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Color Transitions That Will Take You from Winter to Spring


As the seasons change, you'll probably get the itch to change up your hair color, too. That's normal! We see our favorite celebs rocking different hues on a daily basis, and hair artists are creating beautiful colors that everyone desperately wants to try. So, here are some great ways to refresh your winter hair colors into spring ready shades.

Winter White to Neutral Nude

If you were giving Snow Queen vibes all winter long, it’s time to warm it up a notch to a neutral tone cool enough for April showers and warm enough for May flowers! If you took good care of your icy-blonde hair color, taking care of your newly neutral hair will be a cakewalk. Make sure you’re using a violet-hued shampoo, a moisturizing conditioner, and a leave-in conditioner that seals cuticles while protecting strands from heat damage.

Ashy Blonde to Ashy Bronde

If you were sporting ashy blonde, then you were the ultimate cool girl over winter break. Use grown out ashy brown roots to create an bronde shade with warm corn silk tones that get lighter and warmer down the length of your tresses. Let your untouched roots take you from cool to chic while you take a well-deserved break from a high maintenance color.

Fiery Red to Warm Cooper

If rich red hair brightened your eyes and highlighted your skin tone in the winter time, just imagine what warm cooper will do when it’s glistening in the sun and complementing your bronzing skin. Plus, we predict red to be the “it” color of the spring season. To keep your hair looking shinier than the day you stepped out of the salon use a color-protecting and color-safe conditioner for added silkiness, heat damage protection, and moisture.

Chocolate Brown to Cinnamon Chocolate

If you were rocking chocolate brown hair from fall to winter to remind you of everything sweet from the holiday season, it’s time to update it with cinnamon balayage. The key to this vivid color combination is warmth, depth, and polish. This color with exposed roots will bring out your best features and create a modern, everyday allure. To glam it up, curl it away from your face using the Bioionic 24k Gold 1-inch curling iron for added style.

What color are you going to spring forward into? Be sure to share it with @estiloenlinea on Instagram.

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