Twisted Boho: Hairstyle How-To with Corina Durazo


To create this look, start by applying Matrix Style Link Twisted BOHO Cream evenly through damp hair.

Loosely twist random sections from the base all the way down to the tips to create a spiral curl. Create your spiral curls all the way around the head.

Rough dry your hair until it's about 50% dry with the diffuser remembering to encourage the curl.

Create your pin curls by taking individual spirals twisting around your finger and rolling up to the base of your head then secure with the bobby pin.

When all of your pin curls are in place, you can choose to either air dry or dry your hair faster with a blow dryer on low setting.

Once your hair is completely dry, release the pins and loosen up the curls.

Next, create a deep side part and separate the first inch or so around the fringe area to create a loose braid.

Create your braid from the top of your side part down toward the back of your ear. Once you get to the back of your ear, secure with a bobby pin.

On the opposite side, take the first inch of your fringe, divide it in half and twist working your way toward the back of the head and secure with a bobby pin.

Feel free to loosen up your braids or your twists so they have a softer feel.

Spray your hair with Style Link Style Fixer Hairspray, loosen up your curls some more and add a bit more texture if needed. Now your look is complete!

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