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The Ultimate Guide for Valentine’s Day Hair


Say what you will about Valentine's Day, but it's the one dedicated day to celebrate love, even though we celebrate it all year long. Whether it's the unconditional love shared between you and your family or a new lover in your life, love is in the air this February 14. If you have plans to go out on the town or stay snuggled up all night long, we want to help your hair look its best. Follow along with our Valentine's Day hair guide for an effortless love-filled 'do.

A great hairstyle starts with a great foundation, so prep is always necessary! Washing your hair might seem like a no-brainer, but there is a right way to wash your hair. Prep with a hydrating shampoo and conditioner to achieve healthy, silky, and manageable hair. To ensure a frizz-free Valentine's Day, squeeze a dime-sized amount of shampoo onto your palm and lather it between your hands. Apply the lathered up shampoo starting at the crown of your head and then gently distribute to all of your hair, without rubbing it. Be sure you are massaging the shampoo into your hair and scalp with your fingertips and not rubbing it - rubbing your hair can damage your hair cuticles and cause messy frizz. Use the same technique to apply your conditioner, rubbing it in your hands first, and then massaging it into your hair starting from the ends. The hair closest to the scalp gets the benefits from your natural hair oils, leaving the ends to dry out. By focusing your conditioner on your ends, you will notice your hair having more life and shine to it.

Instead of reaching for your coveted blow dryer, try air-drying. No matter the texture of your hair, you can get the hair you want with air-drying-it's all in the products you use in the prep stage. Want volume? Use a voluminous shampoo and conditioner. Want frizzless waves? Use a gentle cleansing shampoo, a hydrating conditioner, and Matrix StyleLink Air Dry Chill BOHO Smoothing Air-Dry Cream. The smoothing cream will control the frizz without heat and fuss, leaving you to say goodbye to flyaways. Want defined curls? Use the Mizani True Textures Collection, filled with moisture-rich ingredients for curly, coiled, and kinky hair. The True Textures collection has everything curly girls need from prep to finish. The best thing about these products? They keep your hair looking great and smelling better all night long.

Now, what style to choose? For a romantic date night, opt for cascading curls for a romantic and feminine look. For a Valentine's Day soiree, go for a braided crown. A braided crown is definitely a put together look and is perfect for all hair types and lengths. For an effortless, lived-in look, just enhance your natural texture.

No matter what you try, remember to spread the love wherever you go. Shop Estilo y Forma and find everything you need for the big day.

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