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How To Pick A New Curling Iron


When shopping for a new iron, there are a few essential questions to ask before making a choice! Depending on the preferred style and type of texture, you’ll first need to decide between an iron or a wand and then determine the correct size.

While we may be used to one over the other or scour reviews – about the best brands, sizes or shapes – what needs to consider is the desired outcome! Sure a stylist can get hair to behave no matter the iron, but they spend a great deal of time behind the chair working on her styling skills. But, when left to your own devices at home it’s best to know what shape and size will be best to achieve the desired style without damaging your hair!

Classic Round
The classic round curling iron is the gold standard to which we compare everything. This styler offers variety and control no matter the hair texture.

The main differences with a classic round curling iron are:
With Tong– Having a tong can sometimes be helpful if you’re a curling novice. It allows you to feed the hair into the iron with less chance of burning your fingers. The clip will also create a more “ribbon-like” wave and can be used to ensure ends are curled, leading to a more classic curled look.
Without Tong (Wand) – These can be tricky at first but are easy to adjust to. By wrapping hair around the wand instead of feeding it through the tong, a looser wave is created. Because ends are left out, it gives off a natural appearance. Use the wand at different angles and tensions for a mix of styles.
Flat Iron –Yes, a flat iron can create curls! This method is the easiest for curly, thick or unruly texture. Cutting down on frizz and creating beautiful waves is much easier because of the tension built. Feed the hair through the straightener at the root, turn the iron ¼ to a ½ turn away from the face and pull the straightener down the strand as if you were curling a ribbon for a present.
First thing first: larger wands don’t always create to looser waves, many times they end up leading to straight locks. The curling iron size should be determined based on the hair length, haircut, and the style in mind. Use a smaller iron (.75”-1”) for tighter curls and a larger barrel (1.25”-1.5”) for a loose wave.

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