Beach Waves Without the Heat


Photo Courtesy of @wanderlustfest on Instagram
Photo Courtesy of @wanderlustfest on Instagram
Although Californians are making waves year-round with their beachy vibes and extensive beauty routines, summer is the ultimate season for laid-back style. Save some time (and your sanity) and create a flawless style to match your Levi’s cutoffs and rollerblade down the boardwalk in style. Instead of battling with even more heat, use techniques, and the proper products to create the perfect beachy wave.

Step 1: Product!

If your hair is on the curly or wavy side, tame your curls by applying Mizani Therasmooth Smooth Guard Smoothing Serum to damp hair. If your hair needs a little help to hold a shape, opt for Matrix StyleLink Air Dry Wild Boho.


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Step 2: Style!

The key to styling without heat is to ensure you set your shape while it’s wet, allowing it to take form. For hair that’s wavy/curly, use a paddle brush. Take out some of the moisture, then pull into a low and loose 3-strand braid. For hair that’s straight, you may want to opt for a French braid or pigtail braids. The smaller the sections, the smaller the braids. Use this technique especially on straight hair, because you’ll want a smaller (tighter) shape to hold the wave since they’ll fall out easier.

Step 3: Air-dry!

Prepping your hair before bed or in the morning before leaving the house is the best way to give yourself ample time for hair to dry.

Step 4: Finishing Touches!

Once hair is dry, finish your look by applying a few more products. If you’re looking for volume at your roots, use your fingers at the scalp to lift the hair and re-energize the shape. Then layer Mizani True Textures Style Refresher Milk for tighter hair textures or a serum like Biolage ExquisiteOil Protective Treatment for all hair types to add shine, control, and wave definition.


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