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Add Volume To Any Style


Whether it has to do with the latest iPhone launch or style trends in general, bigger is always better. Nothing turns heads quite like a big, bouncy blowout. Want to know how to get the look? Keep reading to see our favorite ways to achieve more body!

To get extra oomph, start by adequately prepping the hair. Make sure to shampoo and condition with a mild, yet clarifying shampoo, especially at the root. Get rid of extra dirt, debris and oil to guarantee nothing will weigh down the look. Next, while hair is sufficiently wet, apply StyleLink Volume Builder Mousse. For control without crunch, this formula provides lightweight volume and body, which allow strands to defy gravity without becoming crunchy.

Start drying hair at the front and begin with a mohawk part, rough dry to remove 60-70% of the moisture and then round brush away from the face and place in rollers to set the style. Be sure to over direct forward to build vertical volume. Once hair is dry, spritz with StyleLink Style Fixer Finishing Spray, let cool and then brush out with a paddle brush. This is not a basic blowout; you’ll be able to feel your hair bounce walking into any room!

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