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Marilyn’s Favorite Products from Estilo y Forma


Hola mi gente and welcome back to Esquina Latina! I hope you rang in the New Year in a fun way! Did you remember to eat your 12 grapes or walk around the block with your suitcases? So far, January has been very interesting for me and, like I said before the New Year, my gut tells me that this year is going to be a great one! As you know, I am hitting a big milestone birthday this year, and there’s nothing I can do about that, but I can go into it with a positive attitude and a fabulous look. My philosophy is that no matter what age you are, you should try to make a statement whenever you walk into a room, whether it’s a new haircut, sexy updo, a new handbag, a fresh manicure, or even a fierce pair of shoes. If you feel good about yourself and are confident, people will notice. Even if you don’t feel 100% confident, fake it until you make it!

Personally, I started 2018 with a bang and am having a blast! With this big ZERO Birthday quickly approaching, I promised myself that I would think outside the box and that’s precisely what I’m doing! By “outside the box” I don’t mean skydiving or anything that might give me a heart attack. I mean things like running into a childhood friend (I don’t mean a girl, obviously) and allowing him to persuade me to go out with him. My comfort zone said “that’s cray cray Marilyn,” but so far I’m glad he was so persistent!

I’d like to keep that same momentum going, so I already booked a vacation to a destination on my bucket list, am planning to get a new haircut, and am trying new beauty products. Thanks to my good friends at Estilo y Forma who sent me a very generous care package of products to experiment with, I already started dabbling with new products. First I tried the Essie Wicked nail polish and topped it off with Essie Gel Setter. The color “Wicked” is very sassy, which is right up my alley and looks fierce, but the Gel Setter is impressive! It is truly an inexpensive version of a gel manicure and I encourage everyone to try it! I also had my hair colored and followed it up with the Matrix Biolage Color Last Shampoo and the Matrix Biolage Color Last Conditioner. As someone who colors her hair often, I need good color-lasting products to prolong the expensive hair color appointments. These products not only smell edible, but they definitely made my color shine, are lightweight on the hair, and helped my color stay beautiful! Thank you, Estilo y Forma, for introducing them to me! They are now my new best friends.

These products are more affordable on Estilo y Forma compared to other retailers and I’m not just saying that because you are reading this on their site. I did a little research of my own. I also asked my friends for their opinion on a couple of products and here’s what they said:

“I use bobby pins or ponytails almost every day and the Hair Accessory Kit comes in extremely handy. It is so compact and only $12.00!”

“I styled my hair the other morning with the Matrix StyleLink Air Dry Wild Boho Cream and it looked amazing! It took five minutes and I got so many compliments that day. It held my intentionally messy look in place all day. Sign me up!”

I hope you all agree with me when I say that it’s important always to look your best. No matter what is going on in our busy lives, there are small and affordable things we can do for ourselves that make us feel good. I am typically too busy doing for others and neglect myself, but 2018 is going to be different. I’m going to buy those expensive shoes, check a few things off my bucket list, live on the edge, and just enjoy myself! I plan to rock the next decade, be as fabulous as I can be, and I encourage you all to do the same! Take risks! Have fun! Make 2018 a great year! I know I already started doing so and plan to keep going!

Hasta la proxima!

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