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Valentine’s Day Nails


Photo Courtesy of @nailstory.n.spa on Instagram
Photo Courtesy of @nailstory.n.spa on Instagram
Valentine’s Day is what you make it. It’s about celebrating everything and everybody you love. If you’re the type to wear your heart on your sleeve, why not try wearing it on your nails this year!? When it comes to your nails, you don’t have to stick with the cliché pink and red, you can explore the colors that you love, and adorn it with objects and symbols that scream love to you. Get the nails you want to embody the spirit of Valentine’s Day and press the love into everything you touch.

Keep it Simple


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If you’re more subtle, this is the perfect way to keep it simple this Valentine’s Day. Embellish your nude nail with a small heart that you can rock all week long.

Self Love

Make Valentine’s Day all about you; decorate your nails with how much you love yourself. No one will question you on who you’ll be spending your lovely day with.

It’s Black and White


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Who said roses had to be red and violets blue? Get yourself a dozen black roses to decorate your nails with and keep it dark, sassy, and sparkly!

Love is in the Nails


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For those happily in love, flaunt it for the world to see. Grab your favorite nail polishes and beautify a white background with all the love you feel or hope to feel!

Tell Me, Who Do You Love?


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Skip a card. Tell your loved ones how you feel about them with the writing on your nails. And a little kiss never hurt anybody!

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