The Three-Stroke Method


Painting your own nails is probably something you’ve done your entire life. You started in middle school with Wite-Out while bored in class and grabbed your first glitter polish at Limited Too for your birthday. While nail polish has improved in the past few years, so have our methods and techniques. While many think the trick requires extensive knowledge, all it really takes is a steady hand and a 3-stroke method.

Start off with clean and prepped nails. Using your base coat as practice, dip your brush and then clean off one side of it to make sure there isn’t too much polish on the brush. Take your first stroke from just below the cuticle down the middle of the nail toward the tip, then immediately drag from the middle again to one side, and middle to the other side. With three quick and easy strokes, you’ve mastered the method. Reapply a second coat if needed, and finish with a top coat for stellar shine.

By keeping the strokes to a minimum, you avoid clumping, dragging, and uneven finishes. The amount of polish on the brush is equally as important. If your coats are too thick the polish doesn’t dry and will smudge, and if too thin, you’ll have uneven color and a spotty effect.

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