Get Your Mani To Last


Getting your nails done by a professional is such a treat! They pick out the best colors for your skin tone, can add amazing nail art, and file your nails into a shape that won’t bend or break. Sometimes we’re pressed for time and need to take care of our own manicures. The key to getting it to look great and last is in the process. Read on to learn about the best practices for your at-home manicure!

Simply picking up the desired shade at the store isn’t going to get the desired results. Although it seems like an extra or unnecessary step, purchasing a base and top coat is key to getting a long-lasting manicure. Make sure you have the same brand base and top coat to seal in your style a step further since they’re designed to work together.

For flawless nails, push back cuticles, file nails, and wash hands (or clean nails with alcohol) prior to applying any polish. Ensure the nail bed is free of oil and debris so the first coat can properly bind. Begin with a base coat like essie First Base and apply in a three-stroke method to each nail. Give ample time for this coat to dry before applying your color. Next, apply one or two coats of desired color, allowing each coat to completely dry before applying the next. To finish, apply a top coat. We love essie Gel Setter Top Coat because it creates unbelievable shine and a hard finish to ensure no chips or scratches.


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