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Finding Your Mani Match!


You take pride in your appearance; you appreciate the little details and take your time when it comes to making decisions regarding your style. When it came to finding a stylist - you wouldn’t let just anyone cut your hair, so why should your nails be any different? Finding the right nail tech takes time, patience, money—and yes, trial-and-error. Looking back, it’s like that with almost all of your style snafus, remember those JNCO jeans you used to rock? It’s ok – we forgive you.

Once you’ve found “your tech,” you’ll notice that your nails have never looked better. So how do you know if you’ve met your match? Keep reading to discover five easy ways to tell that you’ve met “the one”—at least when it comes to your nails.

Your tech starts with a consultation

When your nail tech starts your appointment off strong, you know it is going to be a great service! Even if you always go into the salon for the same type of nail look, your tech takes the time to make sure she or he knows exactly what kind of manicure you want. Your tech should always confirm the shape, length, color, finish and design before even touching your tips.

Your tech doesn’t rush

Whether it is removing gel or prepping your nails, they take their time. When techs try to rush the removal process, especially when it comes to gel and acrylic, it can leave nails damaged and weak. If your tech only has you soak for a couple of minutes, then lifts, scraps or uses the e-file to remove your gel polish off your natural nail, it’s definitely time to go to another salon.

Your tech uses quality products

Quality product makes a big difference when it comes to your experience and the outcome of your nails. Don’t be afraid to ask your tech what products she or he uses, or ask the salon manager to give you a rundown of the brands in the salon.

Your tech always uses freshly sanitized tools

Sanitation should be every nail professional’s number one concern. A good tech should always open a fresh set of implements or pull them out of an autoclave at the start of every appointment. If they have a tidy workspace this will give clients extra peace of mind.

Your tech treats you with respect

Techs should pay all of their attention to the client. They shouldn’t be answering their cellphone, texting, talking across the salon to other staff. If your tech makes you feel comfortable, engages in conversation with you and always make sure that you’re happy with your mani, then it’s safe to say that you’ve found a match made in nail heaven!

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