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4 Memorial Day Manicures


Photo Courtesy of @thepolishedpursuit on Instagram
Photo Courtesy of @thepolishedpursuit on Instagram
Red, white, and blue show patriotism in the good U.S. of A. and are often the go-to colors when it comes to celebrating Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day. There’s nothing wrong with sticking with the traditional red, white, and blue for your Memorial Day weekend mani, or you can kick up a notch with nail designs that represent the fun that comes with celebrating all weekend long.

Keep It Simple

Nothing says fun and flirty like polka dots! Three dots along the cuticle will keep it simple and on-trend.

Keep It Strippy

Who said you have to stick with red and white? Blues are entirely on-trend and make for the perfect base for a contrasted stripe color.

Keep It Sparkly

Glitter is always the way to go when nail art is involved. Let your patriotic nails be the base for an ombre glitter look.

Keep it Saucy


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Who doesn’t love fireworks at a Memorial Day celebration? We bet you’ll love it even more on your nails!

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