3 Ways to Ask for the Perfect Nails in the Salon Appointment


Walking into the nail salon should be instant bliss—unfortunately, the same can’t always be said about stepping out of the salon, as many clients leave annoyed, irritated, and dissatisfied with their nails after their appointment. In addition to selecting the right shade and a picture of the design, learn how to ask for the nails you want.

Be Specific
When it comes to getting nails done, no detail is too small. Decide exactly how you want the nails to look before getting to the salon. From the length, color, shape, design, and finish, screenshot the looks and show them to the tech before the appointment. Also, tell the tech what you don’t want. That way, there won’t be any confusion when it comes to the finished look.

Be Direct
Often, techs can make clients feel obligated to get a specific design or add-on treatment that they didn’t actually want. Be direct and tell them exactly what you want (or don’t want). If you only want a standard service, tell the tech in advance, and repeat that request if necessary. Keep in mind that you’re the one that will live with the end result—and the payment—so don’t feel pressured to buy something extra.

Be Reasonable
Sometimes, clients walk into the salon with unrealistic nail expectations. Make sure that whoever the nail tech is comfortable with precisely the type of nail art that’s requested.

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