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Meet Jackie Hernandez


Photo Courtesy of @MakeupbyJH on Instagram.
Photo Courtesy of @MakeupbyJH on Instagram.
Estilo y Forma is hosting a Facebook Party with Jackie Hernandez, Latina YouTuber, influencer, and beauty mogul behind the makeup line, J’dez!

RSVP to our Facebook Party to watch Jackie live with Matrix Artist Victor Mendoza on our Facebook Page, Estilo y Forma on Monday, Dec. 10 at 6 p.m. PST.

Watch the Facebook Live: http://bit.ly/EstiloyFormaFBPage
RSVP to the Facebook Party: http://bit.ly/EstiloPartywithJackie

Jackie’s bilingual approach is what we’re all about—making beauty inclusive and available to everyone. Learn more about Jackie below:

Latina Makeup Line

Jackie is the first Latina YouTuber to launch a makeup line, J’dez. Her brand is dedicated to empowering women through bilingual beauty positive education.

Day in the Life

Sure, she has her main channel, but for the inside scoop, follow Jackie’s second YouTube channel for an inside look at her daily life!

The Importance of Being Bilingual

In a Forbes article, Jackie talked the importance of being bilingual: “...a fan asked (in Spanish) why I write my J'dez postcards in English and not Spanish since I am a Latina and a majority of my followers speak Spanish. I responded (in Spanish) that I always write in both languages. I am proud of being a bilingual Latina and that for international business knowing English is extremely important.”

No Limits

“Being Latina does not mean limiting myself to only communicate in Spanish. On the contrary, I'd love that all my Latinas know more than one language so we can be even stronger,” according to the article.

Building Community with Beauty

Her self-funded beauty brand, J’dez, brings together the glamour and quality of a luxury product and the affordability of a mass product to make all cosmetics aficionados the simple kind of beauty.

Snag her products in an upcoming bundle with Estilo y Forma and don’t forget to RSVP to our Facebook Party with Jackie, culminating in a Facebook Live with Jackie and Matrix Artist Victor Mendoza on Monday, Dec. 10 at 6 p.m. PST.

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