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Heal Damaged Hair - Without Leaving the House


We’ve all done some questionable things to our hair; including taking peroxide to our locks or using the flat iron one too many times in a row. If you’ve noticed your hair hasn’t quite returned to its original supple state, you could probably use a system designed to repair your hair from the inside out. Lucky for you, systems like these are available to you without going to the nearest salon. Salon-quality products can be shipped straight to your doorstep for all your hair needs.

Repairing the damage in your hair is made easing with bond-building formulas that work to create a seal over the hair revealing glossy, healthy-looking hair. Not only will your hair look better, but it will also repair the damage from the daily environmental and hot tool stresses. Do you know what that means? The over processed strands you’re sporting don’t have to feel or look over-processed anymore, especially when you use the Biolage Advanced RepairInside system as a whole.

Biolage Advanced RepairInside system by Matrix is a trio that comes complete with a shampoo and conditioner for regular use and a RepairInside Intra-Reparative Control Cream. The reparative shampoo and conditioner are formulated with soy and arginine to repair compromised hair while cleansing and conditioning damaged hair to help restore suppleness, shine, and movement. The control cream acts as a heat protective leave-in conditioning cream that provides instant shine, suppleness, and reparation to smooth hair without sacrificing natural bounce and movement. After using the RepairInside Shampoo and Conditioner, work the cream evenly through damp hair and style your hair as usual.

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