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Knotty Queen: Hairstyle How-To with Corina Durazo


To create this look, start by applying Matrix StyleLink Big Queen Blowout Cream to mid-lengths and ends on damp hair.

Rough-dry your hair until it's about 60 to 80% dry, remembering to move your hair in opposite directions to create lift.

Section your hair above the nape and secure. (This helps to make the blow-dry a lot easier.) Take a medium to large barrel round brush and start to smooth from the base all the way down to the tips. Holding the brush at a vertical angle creates instant volume.

Continue to blow-dry toward the top of the head and remember to lift the hair up and off the scalp when you reach the top section. Blow-drying the hair in the opposite direction of the way it would naturally fall will create mega volume.

Once your blow-dry is complete, create a halo section 1- to 2-inches away from the hairline. Secure your halo with an elastic.

Take the ponytail and divide it in half. Take your two sections and create knots from the base all the way up to the tips. Twist to the base and secure by adding some bobby pins. If added texture is needed, feel free to tease any excess hair that's sticking out.

To create more body and movement, take a 1- to 1 1/4-inch curling iron and create candlestick curls by moving and curling away from the face. Continue this technique throughout the entire head remembering to curl in opposite directions away from the face.

Once your curls are complete, take a wide-tooth comb and add some more texture and teasing. Spritz Matrix StyleLink Style Fixer Hairspray and your look is complete.

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