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Treat Yourself for Valentine's Day


While others are celebrating Valentine’s Day, some of us are celebrating Singles Awareness Day. That could mean single in a literal way, or single because you’re away from your loved ones. Being “alone” on national love day doesn’t mean you’re lonely, and it definitely doesn’t mean the day will be less exciting. Besides, no one is going to love you the way you love you! Read on to find out how to treat you this Valentine’s Day.

1. To: You, From: Yo

The holidays have come and gone. We can guarantee there was a gift you wanted but no one came through on it. Well, guess what? You’ve been working hard all year long (granted we’re only two months in) so treat yourself to that special something. If it’s not breaking the bank, get yourself the gift you’ve been eyeing.

2. Eat What You Want

Whether you want to get all glammed up and go to a fancy restaurant, keep it low key and stay in, or go to that restaurant you’ve been dying to try, eat what you want. It might seem weird to people in relationships to see you living your best single life but do it anyway.

3. Make it a Spa Day

What could go wrong with the spa? Relax, relate, and release all the built-up toxins that were plaguing you leading up to Valentine’s Day (ahem…we mean Singles Awareness Day). The spa doesn’t “require” a partner to enjoy it, and it provides some much-needed peace and quiet. Plus, if anyone asks why you’re alone, you can say someone treated you to it!

4. Class it Up

What a better time to invest in yourself and learn a new skill? Sign up for a painting class, a cooking class, a wine pairing class, or a fitness class to keep those New Year’s goals going. Class it up all night long and leave feeling accomplished!

5. Do What Makes YOU Happy!

No matter what you decide to do, make sure it makes you happy. You are a single, capable adult, and you don’t need permission to spend your money and time on the things you want to do! Treat yourself to some much-needed TLC in whatever way you see fit. And from us to you, Happy Singles Awareness Day (or Singles Awesomeness Day as we like to call it).

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