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Summer’s Hottest Cut: The Undercut


Over the season’s, Selena Gomez has proven herself a hair chameleon. Staying at the top of the hair trends during each season, she proved she could pull anything off when she debuted a high ponytail with a little secret in the back - an undercut! The best part about this cut? It can be easily concealed but reveals such a sultry side when worn with pride. Keep reading to see how you can style the season’s hottest haircut in 10 minutes or less.

Slicked-back Braid


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Selena Gomez had it right with a slicked back ponytail braided down and secured tight. It keeps her look chic in the front while revealing the party in the back.

Spiced-up Design


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Lotus flowers are beautiful symbols that can be incorporated into your shaved design. The blossoming leaves can represent your cut coming alive.

Creative Cut

Who said your undercut has to be in the back of your head? You can be creative with the placement of your cut and design.

Glitter Roots


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A little glitter never hurt anybody! Celebrate your inner rock star with this chic style!

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