Estilo Party

How to: 3 Strand Side Braid Estilo Party #1


Prior to styling, apply Style Link Smooth Setter to damp hair. Blow dry in with a paddle brush for added smoothness. Apply Style Link Height Riser evenly throughout dry hair to create a light, airy grip before starting the braid.

Step 1: Section

Divide hair into sections using clips for control. Start with a 1-inch section above the ear.

Step 2: Braid

Begin creating a basic three-strand braid.

Take a small section of hair at the front of the head, incorporate the hair into the existing front section of the braid to start the French braid.

Continue incorporating hair into the front section of the braid until the ear.

At the ear, begin incorporating hair from the back of the head into the back section of the braid (and stop incorporating hair from the front).

Continue braiding down the length of the hair.

Step 3: Texturize

Texturize the braid by pulling and fanning individual sections from top to bottom to create separation, volume and softness.

Step 4: Secure

Secure with an elastic and hide it by wrapping a longer strand of hair around the elastic a couple of times.

Recreating salon-quality hairstyles with Estilo Parties from Estilo y Forma is easy and fun! To book an Estilo Party email our Customer Care Team at [email protected]. Login or register at Estilo y Forma to shop the products we used to create the Estilo Party looks.

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