Nail Trends to Finish Off Summer


Photo Courtesy of @essie on Instagram. Nail Art by @purplenailbox on Instagram.
Photo Courtesy of @essie on Instagram. Nail Art by @purplenailbox on Instagram.
Summer is coming to an end, and most of the time that means stashing our brightest colors and getting ready for cooler polishes. But, before we bid farewell to these shades until 2019, we have a few nail art trends to end summer ‘18 with.

Taste the Rainbow

Essie makes the world more colorful and so you will with this ROYGBIV manicure. Make the rainbow the focal point on your black canvas’ and let them shine until the clouds roll back in.

Double Up on Fun

When in France do as the French do, and just like they double kiss to say hello, we say double up on your French tip - it adds a bit of detail without being overwhelming!

Utilize Negative Space

If the pool is about to be your best friend for the rest of summer, keep your mani minimal so it will last longer and hide pesky chips.

Over the Moon
When you can’t decide between colors or trend, try this two-in-one manicure. Negative space and color-blocked moons quickly amp up your look to level ten.

Mix and match these fabulous looks with Essie polish, available at Estilo y Forma. Find more nail inspiration on our Instagram, @EstiloenLinea!

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